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E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce.  The process of buying and selling goods or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales.

Online Purchases and Sales have changed tremendously the history of E-commerce is fascinating – and E-commerce advancing at a quicker pace today.

About Us

Zikrabyte is known as one of the best website design companies in India because we specialize in customizing e-commerce websites. We also offer responsive e-commerce website design so that your site automatically adjusts its layout according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on– whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

We’re a highly experienced web design company. We can help you launch your e-commerce website with ease, taking care of every little detail.

Every day we live and breathe website design, which is why we know what works and what doesn’t. What looks good on a mobile phone or tablet, and what makes your customers feel warm inside when they use your site. So if you need a new site or want to update your old one, let us show you the light!

 We can also build mobile apps for you – but don’t just take our word for it! Check out our portfolio of some of the amazing work we’ve done for other clients.

 If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you then head over to our website where you can find out more about Zikrabyte – an e-commerce website design company in Bangalore.

Ecommerce Website Design

Zikrabyte is a leading e-commerce Website Design Company in Bangalore.

You need an e-commerce website for your business that delivers the best customer experience possible. Your customers will want instant access to your products and services, 24x7x365. Don’t let them down! Zikrabyte is a leading e-commerce website development company in Bangalore that offers cost-effective e-commerce solutions across different platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.

We offer 100% customized solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The team at Zikrabyte will work closely with you to deliver a fully responsive solution that’s tailored to suit your needs, maximizing conversion rates and minimizing bounce rates.

Features & Benefits

1.Buying Process Will Be Faster for The Customers

  Customers can spend less time shopping for what product or item they want. They can easily navigate through many items at a time and buy what they like. And also online customers can find items that are not available in physical stores or far away from them their locality.

2.Cost-Effective in Marketing

  Sellers do not have to spend much money to promote their items. The world of e-commerce has several affordable, quick ways to market online. Ecommerce marketplaces are visual channels – where sellers can show off their products. For example, Zikrabyte uses Advertising tools to add videos, infographics, and good-quality resolution images for your e-commerce website which would drive as many sales organically.

3.100% Customer Flexibility

  One key advantage of e-commerce to business is that sellers can provide much flexibility to customer’s For Instance products and services will be ready 24×7. The result is that seller can offer his item any place, any time without any hassle, and one can expect 100% customer satisfaction.

4.Products, Price, Rating Comparison

  Inside the e-commerce Platform, sellers can compare the products using tools. It helps to save time when making this comparison, as all details are available on the shopping site. This is one more advantage for the customer too. When people see many items ready for purchase, they feel more confident and trust in spending Money.

What Clients
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Since I am new to Bangalore, I had very few friends here, At last I googled online and came across Zikrabyte Solutions one of the leading web designers in Bangalore. I approached for a shopping site design and the job was done more than my expectation.
Client of Company
My husband always thought to run an online shopping site, and now I made his dream come true with help of Zikrabyte – thank you very much, team.
Client of Company
Now or in the future, I recommend Zikrabyte for e-commerce website design, my personal experience with the team was always good.
Amit Singh
Client of Company