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How SEO and Content Writing Form a Crucial Combination

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is widely used in the digital marketing field today. SEO talks about optimizing your content to make it search engine friendly and increase traffic to your website.

Creating content to let people know about your brand and promoting it is extremely helpful to improve business.

Combining both of these tools make for a powerful marketing strategy.

In the days of its inception, writing for SEO was very primitive. Writers would cram keywords into passages (known as keyword stuffing:) to make their websites show up on the first page of search results. Use of keywords was abundant and almost insufferable.

Such unbounded usage tends to annoy readers and this increases the bounce-back rate.

Furnishing smart content which engages the readers and also makes use of the required keywords is the goal of today’s SEO based content writing. This means creating quality content which invites the readers and solves their query.

Nowadays, search engines have become smarter and better equipped to crawl web pages and figure out which ones are actually useful to the searcher. Hence, solving the reader’s or searcher’s intent becomes the top priority while curating any content for websites. Optimizing it for the search engines using keywords comes next.

The reason for this efficiency is that more than a million Google searches are performed every 2 minutes, and obviously, search engines improve as the data they parse increases.

Content creation is a difficult job, and is made even more difficult when you have to incorporate SEO strategies into it. But, when done right, content on your website helps boost user traffic immensely and also brings the right people to your website.

It is very important that your website showcases the right kind of content with a sprinkling of keywords throughout. The stronger and more relevant your content, the better chances of your website showing up on the first page of search results…and that’s the end goal for all marketers, isn’t it?

What do you think about content creation for the digital marketing world?
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Trends in digital marketing that are gaining popularity in 2018

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Digital marketing is taking over all major businesses today, and if you don’t have an online presence, then the going gets tough.

Today’s world is a fast-paced, tech-based world. It is hard to keep up with all the changes happening everywhere. To exceed at anything in the digital world, there’s an increasing necessity to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Catching the attention of your consumers and making sure you target the right people are important to effectively market your brand on digital platforms. So, following the trends that are taking over is of paramount importance.

Let’s take a look at some of these trends which will provide you with useful insight and help improve your brand image!

Interactive user feedback using chatbots

If you have ever thirsted for a drink at Starbucks, then you know how easily orders are placed using their app! A chatbot that is made available on their app allows you to use either text or voice to order your favorite from the menu.

These kinds of interactive bots are increasingly in use today as they provide major advantages. Bots are helping companies provide top-notch customer service. Brands are making use of Facebook Messenger and Slack to develop their own customized bots for improving their service standards.

Chatbots are easy and quick to develop, and they provide real-time insights into your customer base! Targeted ads and personalized campaigns are made much easier with these.


Using big data and predictive analysis

Increase in social media usage, an upsurge in the adoption of smartphones and wearables, expansion of e-Commerce, etc. have led to an explosion of data! We are swimming in data, so to speak!

It is therefore very obvious that organizations are increasingly looking at predictive analytics to understand how they can engage better with their customers.



With a sea of data at their disposal, marketers can make use of this to analyze trends in their customer base and come up with better strategies to improve their hold over the business. A Forbes Insights report that surveyed 306 executives from companies with $20 million or more in annual revenue, discovered that 86% of companies carrying out predictive marketing initiatives for at least 2 years observed an increased return on investment as a result.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

The next progressive step in providing an interactive customer experience is the use of Virtual/Augmented Reality. VR/AR is gradually taking over all the visual content we see today. You have probably seen many 360 videos, VR/AR incorporated videos on social media nowadays.

Naturally, VR/AR can play a major role in the growth of digital marketing. One example is the use of virtual reality by Elle magazine to create a 360-degree virtual tour of its photo shoot.

As technology matches the vision of advertising with VR/AR, we will start to see more engaging and interactive advertising content being pushed to consumers. Traditional billboards will give way to AR-designated spaces, allowing 3D content to be streamed directly to consumers.



There is still a lot to explore in this novel field, and improvements have to be made on a lot of grounds including pricing and accessibility to customers.


Social Influencer Marketing

If a close friend or a family member you trust suggested that you try a certain product, then you most definitely would, right?

Giving a digital twist to the age-old word-of-mouth style marketing, influencer marketing is a way in which brands team up with social influencers to market their products.

Influencers have a dedicated audience hanging on to their every word, and hence are at the right platform to increase awareness of different brands and products. According to a certain survey, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.

Collaborating with influencers is a sure shot way to increase your reach and improve your ROI.


Visual Content/Storytelling

With too much to do and too little time, people are growing impatient. Too much text tends to bore them. They are more inclined towards live videos with quality content. That is a negative point for marketers who rely less on visual content!

It is, therefore, necessary that marketers gravitate towards storytelling via videos and images. People would love to invest in a brand that tells an honest and compelling story. Creating an interactive, consumer-oriented community and sharing images and videos which will involve the customers personally also helps a great deal.



With digital trends changing every day, businesses that hope to stay ahead in the game must invest their time and money into the up and coming technologies.

Integrating these technologies with your company’s creativity and personal way of appealing to the customers will help your company stay one step ahead, always!

What after engineering?— An unsolved puzzle.

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After completing four tangy years of engineering like a pie in the sky, most of us end up with the all-time old question “What am I supposed to do after engineering?”. Should I pursue my higher studies, join the company, take teaching as a profession or start up something of my own etc, and this list has no ends. Every year in India out of 1.35 billion people, 1.5 million graduate as engineers. So, you can now describe our country “India, the land of engineers” instead of “India, the land of tradition”.

Many of you may regret taking engineering as a profession, you might think you are into a wrong domain. Just like there is no use of crying over spilled milk, being disappointed for choosing to engineer as a career after completing it will be in vain. Instead of sitting idle at your place after owning a degree you can try something that is interesting as well as beneficial.

Moreover, engineering is not that bad as people illustrate it to you. You would have seen people flying with bright colors after completion of the course too. It all depends on how passionately you want to be a tech buzz,  how fascinatingly you want to quench your thirst for reasons behind all the new technologies and ultimately how well do you understand the concepts.

What after engineering?— This question occupies lion’s share in every engineer’s mind after receiving a paper which has a university stamp on it that says you have successfully completed your B.E in a specific department. Firstly, Congratulations! You have entered a phase of life which you have been waiting for. And now all you have to do is find yourself a work that will earn you your own bread.

  1. Discover your interests.
  2. Improve your technical skills.
  3. Pursuing your higher studies either in a technical stream or in management.
  4. Sign up with websites like etc.
  5. Work as an intern.
  6. Entrepreneurship

Discover your interests

               “What will people think?”, this statement has already stopped many of you from living your dreams. Don’t let this happen hereafter if you are a marvelous photographer then there is no use of writing wrong codes for a company. Do what makes you happy.

Improve your technical skills

Skill is something that will give you persistent results. No company will want to risk their work by assigning it to someone who lacks skills. If you do not know how to develop a website there is no chance for you to be working as a web developer.

Pursuing your higher studies either in a technical stream or in management

                I would recommend you to continue your higher studies only if you are totally into it. Don’t do it just because your friend or cousin wants to do it. It’s high time and you have to stop being an echo, be a voice. If at all you are really interested in higher education and want to continue in the technical platform you can go ahead with Mtech/MS. Or if you want to change your domain and learn management studies you can go for MBA.

Sign up with websites like, etc.

In this digital era, you can find almost everything online. And when you are searching for jobs this digital world will surely help you. All you have to do is create a strong resume which highlights your skills and interests and upload it. Yes, you are all good to go!

Work as an intern

                Who wants a chopper when you have the best chef in your restaurant? There are already many people who are experienced in their job profiles. You can work as an intern and learn many things that might help you in near future. And internship adds weight to your resume too.


If you have an idea with a good number of resourceful people then you are here to survive in this field. Don’t hesitate before starting something new, you never know what’s waiting for you.

“Engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea they say, exactly they are right but everyone is not good at everything. Nobody is born with all the perfect qualities. You might be good at something else that others may not even think of. Stop underestimating and start upgrading. You will surely end up with the best for yourself.

Mistakes What Android Developers Do

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From almost a decade android storm overtook the market with huge number of android lovers. But considering the recent progressions android app development is not as sweet as its name betokens.

In an era of beginning days there were fewer apps and limited development diameter of technologies used in it. Today there is massive growth and numerous other tech stuffs which are embraced that made app development bit knotty, besides that there are few very common mistakes which app developers nowadays do.

Here are top 10 mistakes which you should avoid if you are aspired to be a great app developer.

1. Not Evaluating Battery Consumption:

There are several other programs and functions too which consume android phone battery. Make sure that your app doesn’t score top among them! Users are already woozy when it comes to android device battery back-ups, they wouldn’t want to have an app that is hungry for battery.

Get down to bras tacks aforetime with memory consumption, and also affirm that the app refrains to process or doze when not in use. Know more about optimizing battery consumption.

2. Forgetting that there are Different Devices:

You are not making app only for your device! Believe it or no but there are more than 24,000 different android devices with different screen size, resolutions etc. Many app developers do not make it certain that their app is compatible for other devices too. This is in fact one of the biggest reason for app failure.

You can make your app adaptable for multiple devices by using density-independent pixels, XML, and other resources.

3. Heavy Bitmaps that Hinders the App:

Loading symbol for long time will wind somebody up, especially when it comes to customers they don’t like slackened apps. Too many large images will eat up a lot memory and unfortunatelySmart phones usually do not have giant RAM that can support it and that results in prolonged loading.

Developers should focus on using the resources that will pile-up soon so that your app will be not curbed.

4. Complicated Layout.

Your app is not used by only touch perfectionists! The app should be developed keeping in mind that it is used by different kind of customers and needs to have near-perfect touch when visual feedback is considered.

Rookie customers should be always kept in mind who usually do touch mistakes. Know about StateListDrawablesfor your screen elements. The UI and the layout should be simple and easy to understand so that your app becomes everyone’s cup of tea.

5. Too much Ingenious Ideas:

Creative ideas and designs are always loved, but in a dilemma of making it more creative if you design it in way that customers fail to understand the basic functions, it takes no time for your creativity to transform into a ludicrous stuff. Use familiar icons and symbols for various functions which are already embedded into user’s mind. This avoids confusions and makes it easy to operate your app. Some of the examples are as follows

  • Triangle ‘ᐅ’: To play a media file
  • Cross ‘X’: To close a file
  • 2 Parallel lines ‘II’: To pause a running file
  • A house for home screen

6. Reinventing the wheel:

You might be great with codes and also might have went to profundity in android but do not do the venture of writing your own code that communicates with the server in the background thread without using the main thread.

Network calls, image loading, database access, JSON parsing, and social login are the most basic and common things which every app has. Smartness lies in going in the conventional way which is proven rational in this particular field. Some of the rational practices are listed below

  1. gradle as a build system.
  2. Retrofit / Volley for network calls.
  3. Picasso for image loading.
  4. Gson / Jackson for JSON parsing.
  5. common implementations for social login.
  6. Not using Fragments.

It is absolutely inefficient way to launch a separate activity for each app screen because the system will keep them in the memory for a long time. The resources needs to be freed for smooth operation timely but unfortunately even killing the activity also will not help to free the resources.

Android introduced a noteworthy article of fragments in the version of Honeycomb. Fragments can be of great use as they help developers to optimize different screens, can be managed by the parent activity easily and can also be reused, positioned and combined if need be.

7. Not using fragments:

It is absolutely inefficient way to launch a separate activity for each app screen because the system will keep them in the memory for a long time. The resources needs to be freed for smooth operation timely but unfortunately even killing the activity also will not help to free the resources.

Android introduced a noteworthy article of fragments in the version of Honeycomb. Fragments can be of great use as they help developers to optimize different screens, can be managed by the parent activity easily and can also be reused, positioned and combined if need be.

8. Using multiple technologies:

Android is great and is good enough to be a standalone platform, there is no point in spoiling the soup with multiple cooks! Android is self reliant and have enough elements to make use of and there is no need to take ideas from other platforms.

Android lovers may not like an app that seems similar or identical to the one in an non-android device. Its uniqueness is its identity when it comes to UI design. Know more about the UI guidelines for Android app developers.

9. Not asking for help

App development field is something which renovates itself by every now and then. You might a good developer but sometimes you need to take help and upgrade yourself for better work progress. Nobody is going to steal your idea, more you associate more you will be benefitted.

Keep in touch with android developer’s community like Android development center where you can ask, discuss and get solutions for your questions. Android community is international and prevalent; you can refer to tags related to Android development.

10. Not having Confidence:

Rome was not built in a day! Important work takes time. If your first app couldn’t bring any fruitful results than no issues, you can try again. Analyze with keen observations where you went wrong in previous project and overcome it. If you are confident, and eager to sharpen your skills with a will to develop an awesome app, may be not today but yes sooner you will develop one.

Keep your confidence up above all negative thoughts;Success is not too distant star.

Types of Visual Content That Get More Likes in Facebook

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Are you expecting more to get the attraction to your blog or websites through social media shares, likes, and comments?

Your main goal is to create more links to connect with readers.

If yes, then make use of this great opportunity to investigate utilizing visual content.

Research has shown that:

  1. Be careful while picking Visual aids which impact more on the reader. It is also proven that 43% of searcher read content only when they are satisfied with Visual Aids.
  2. The data that handled by the mind and 90% of visual image reader remember.

It makes sense, as well as it’s important to utilize content that creates in the form of instinctive mental and enthusiastic reverberation with your intended interest group.

This post will give you some information about visual content which will play a major role in getting online engagement.


1. Compelling Images

The content of your Post with high caliber, the images that you have picked which is relevant people think and they start reading your blog until the end of your blog. Now a day’s access internet through cell phones become common, but using lengthy content with no images in between this leads to killing online audiences from your blog!

Here is some marketing strategy how important is Visual images:
Because of the currently advanced substance oversaturation, and the substantial selection of getting to the web through cell phones, our capacity to focus has hit an amazing failure.

Accordingly, the introduction of a substance, in huge pieces, with no pictures in the middle of, is a genuine kill to online groups of onlookers!

On the off chance that despite everything you question how viable pictures are in your showcasing system, you’ll likewise be intrigued to realize that:

  1. As per the survey, Article receives 94% more likes and shares than which article doesn’t have any images in the article.
  2. 150% of tweets and re-tweets are gained from the image text than plain text.
  3. If we come to an engagement in the post, it is 3 times more than the post doesn’t have any images in their content.

So before you start to use some eye catchy images in between the content for getting massive shares and backlinks

Image quotes:

Go with some Inspirational, Motivational or diverting quotes that make people attractive and they start sharing, liking your posts.

Google rebranding its $100 billion ad platforms; AdWords and DoubleClick are retiring!

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Here’s a major update for the digital marketing world!

On Tuesday 26th June, Google announced that it would no longer go to market with its established Ad services. Sridhar Ramaswamy, the Senior VP of ads for Google made this announcement at a press conference in New York. This is the biggest ever rebranding for the Internet giant.

“…today we are introducing simpler brands and solutions for our advertising products. These new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses, making it even easier for them to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and the right experiences for consumers across devices and channels. “ – Sridhar Ramaswamy

Since marketing on the Internet has become much more complex today than it was 18 years ago when AdWords first started, a simplification was necessary. He further clarified that the underlying products will not change and it is only the names that are refreshed.

The new brands will be:

Google Ads

Google AdWords is being renamed to Google Ads. With Google Ads, everything remains the same except the name. There is an extra feature called Smart Campaigns. Targeting small business advertisers, it allows them to quickly launch campaigns and provides features that help reach target audience faster.

Google Marketing Platform

An integration of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Analytics 360 Suite under a single platform. The unification aimed for larger advertisers and media buyers means marketers can analyze results, create audiences and activate them without having to navigate between two or more products. Google took inspiration for this idea from analyzing that most digital marketers were seeing better outcomes when they integrated these two platforms on their own!

A new Integration Center explains how the tools work together and how to connect them.

Google Ad Manager

Ad Manager comprises of DoubleClick for Publishers(DFP) and DoubleClick AdExchange(AdX). Bringing DFP and AdX together has been a three-year process. It is a product to help publishers manage spaces on their sites available for advertising, otherwise known as ad inventory. It will help monetize all the new places where people are engaging, such as live streams, mobile games, and other apps, and platforms like YouTube.

These new brands and solutions are expected to be set in motion from mid-July. As more and more people connect to the Internet via different devices, we are stretching the boundaries of advertising like never before.

As for the question of user data privacy, Google will have to walk on a tightrope, balancing between helping marketers find customers and keeping personal data private.